11 Common Tourist Scams in Vietnam to Avoid

Vietnamese people are proud to show their beloved country to foreigners, and it’s easy to see why. The land is stunningly beautiful and the people are wonderful — well, almost all of them. Unfortunately, like any place that welcomes tourists, there are scammers and con artists looking to swipe your cash and valuables. So keep [...]
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Top 10 Vietnam food dare you to try

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Hoi An Memories-“Most beautiful in the world”-Reuters

Hoi An Memories show,"The most beautiful in the world" - Reuters “The most beautiful in the world” and “A feast for the eyes” is what reuters.com mentions about how the audience described the performance.This musical performance takes Vietnamese traditional Ao Dai to be the main expressing language and modern stage technique to create specific contexts, [...]
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Things not to do in Sapa tribal villages|Forbidden things in Sapa Vietnam

“Things not to do in Sapa tribal villages|Forbidden things” – Don’t want locals to get mad, you must remember these things when visiting or do Sapa trekking

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Sapa things to do|where to go 2019

This answer all your questions: about Sapa: things to do? where to go? How can I visit Sapa? When is the best time to visit Sapa? How many days do you need in Sapa, Vietnam? Where can you stay?…

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