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Our Story

“A little girl meets the world”

Hanna was born in a farmer family in the countryside. She had a hard-working but idyllic childhood helping her father in his fish farm and working in the rice fields of Nam Dinh Province. It was a hard time. She is the smallest of the six siblings, only 145 cm tall, but she is the only one to finish high school. She loves literature, as Hanna grew, bringing with it the ambition of becoming a literature teacher.

“First footsteps in following her dreams”

At the age of 19, she took her first footsteps in following her dreams but she failed. She didn’t have enough grades to go to the college she had applied to study literature. There were only two choices at that time, give up studying and back to work hard on the family farm or find another chance. She decided to give it a shot, she applied to study tourism at university and learn English, and she passed. Then, the wonderful thing happened, she found her true passion. Her world opens beyond her small hometown she only knows before, meeting people around the world and connecting them with the beautiful landscapes and cultures of her country.

“I am a little girl but I want to make the differences”

But it wasn’t easy on her even after she graduated. A short woman, only 145 cm tall, very hard to find a job. The companies prefer to hire good looking people, especially in the tourism industry. But she didn’t give up. She has a sentence deep in mind “I am a little girl but I want to make the differences!”. With that motivation, she spent over ten years working in the tourism industry in many positions for a number of travel companies in Hanoi. Responding to the travel aspirations many international travelers seek, Hanna sought out off-the-beaten-track places to show visitors and approached many ethnic minority villages to arrange visits there too. She gained expertise in everything from giving travelers tips on how to get around the country, to itineraries ideal for business travelers. She gained the trust and heart of clients because of her sincerity and responsible work. There are some customers who have visited Vietnam many times and keep come back, the first name comes up to them is Hanna who never let them down when finding new off-the-beaten-track places and make the best itinerary for them to have new local experience every time. And they have become our valued customers today.

“Continue to write the dream”

Hanna never forgets the sentence and constantly strives to make a meaningful difference! The difference is that She has the confidence that she can live a better life and help others. She engages people with the same vision and passion for travel. And in 2016, Hat Vacation is founded with the travel concept is local hosts, off-the-beaten-track, a combination of volunteering, environmental protection and sustainable tourism development, and offer personalized services that bring true local experiences to our clients. Hat Vacation quickly gained the support of traditional travel agencies, tour operators and international customers. We keep improving our service to bring the true value to our clients and make Vietnam is the one of remarkable in the world travel map.

hatvacation dot com our mission - About Us

Our mission

“True local for a real value time”

This is our slogan. As our travel concept: off-the-beaten-track, a combination of volunteering-environmental protection-sustainable tourism development and offer personalized services, we offer the most authentic products for experiencing Indochina culture, from homestay experiences to luxurious resorts. Hat Vacation will take you to places less traveled: visiting tribal villages deep inside mountain area where minority ethnic people are living; trekking through the forest or walking on beautiful terrace fields; cruise through islands or along canal systems and huge lakes to discover underwater caves and amazing waterfalls; cycling through villages and visiting orchards… You can stay as local and live like the locals. We bring you a chance to have a close look and feel about the beauty of the country and culture here. By our trustworthy, responsible work and supportive, we try our best to make sure you have a remarkable time in our country.

“Make customers think like friends rather than an agent”

During these years we are making a good connection to our customers. We are trying flexible as much as possible to make customers feel comfortable like their second home when they come to Hat Vacation.

“Contribute value and help community”

When you work in the travel industry, you can see many sides of the social, the modern life but also undeveloped areas. The life of ethnic minorities here have a lot of difficulties. We’ve seen areas people don’t have electrical, they have to work hard children have to walk on trails for hours or swimming through the rivers to go to class, and even many of them cannot go to school because they have to work to help their family. In our ability, we connect them to our system and bring them a chance to have a better job and have a better income to improve their life quality. The most important is through the job they can connect with the international environment to learn and improve by themselves.



We partnered with many travel organizations in the travel industry, specializing in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. We are not only a travel agency but also your reliable partner in every trip.



Our destinations mainly in Indochina countries including Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia with diverse cultures, a long history, and unique customs will bring you unique experiences.



We offer tours that spread across many locations of the Indochina region. Our travel concept is local hosts, off-the-beaten-track, and exotic locations to bring you true local and unique experiences.



We offer a wide variety of tours including trekking, cruise, hiking, biking, package, a day trip with true local experience and especially you can tailor-make your own trip with our professional support.

"True Local For a Real Value Time"

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Leadership Team

hatvacation dot com hanna profile - About Us

Hanna (Huyen)


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Hieu Luu (Neo)


hatvacation dot com xuan profile - About Us

Xuan Luong


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Trung Nguyen


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Dung Nguyen


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