Latest status of COVID19 in Vietnam en - [27/03] Latest status of COVI-19 in Vietnam
Latest status of COVID19 in Vietnam 27/03/2020


From March 28 to April 15, the government requested:

  1. Stopping meeting activities, events gathering over 20 people in 1 room; do not gather from 10 people or more outside the workplace, school, hospital; It is required to keep a minimum distance of 2m when communicating with others in public places.
  2. Strictly stopping religious rituals and activities of 20 or more people at religious, belief or worship establishments; stop all cultural and sports activities at public places.
  3. Temporarily suspending the operation of service-providing establishments in their localities, except for those dealing in essential goods and services. Presidents of provinces and cities decide business and service establishments to be closed.
  4. Restricting the movement of people, especially from the affected provinces and cities to other regions. The Ministry of Transport restricts flights and passenger transport activities from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City to other places nationwide. Temporarily suspend or reorganize public transport activities to restrict travel and gather people, except for means of transporting goods.


In Vietnam, the number of COVID-19 infections has reached 153. Among them, 20 have recovered, an increase of 3 cases compared to yesterday.

Meanwhile, the US has become the leading country on the list of COVID-19 cases, 85,594 people have been infected, surpassing both China and Italy.

In the world has 540,832 people infected with COVID-19. Of which 24,293 people died, 125, 297 people recovered

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