Covid-19 | “Shoot them dead”: Philippine President Duterte threatens lockdown violators

            "I will not hesitate. My orders are: To the police and military, as well as village officials. If there are any trouble, or occasions where there's violence and your lives are in danger, shoot them dead." This was what Philippine President Duterte said in a press conference. Follow Us: Website: https://hatvacation.com/ [...]
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Coronavirus Update | ICU Nurse Breaks Down After 13 Hour Shift Caring For COVID-19 Patients

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Emergency announcement to find contact person for COVID-19 patients No.237

            The Ministry of Health of Vietnam has issued an emergency notice to find all people who have been to medical examination and care for patients at 3 hospitals in Hanoi while COVID-19 237 patients were present. On the evening of 3/4, the Ministry of Health announced 4 more cases of [...]
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Prevent COVID-19 from spreading, Vietnam go into social isolation for 15 days

Prime Minister: Start the Social Isolation from 0h:00 1/4/2020 nationwide. The content of the directive is as follows: The COVID-19 epidemic broke out globally, affecting more than 7200,000 people, nearly 35,000 died in over 200 countries and territories, and there was no sign of stopping. In Vietnam, the number of cases is increasing rapidly day [...]
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“Stop going out”: Pregnant Covid-19 patient urge people

Video Heavily pregnant woman with double pneumonia urges people to stay home. Struggling to breathe, a heavily pregnant British woman has pleaded with people to stop going out as she battles coronavirus in hospital. In a video posted to Facebook on Wednesday, Karen Mannering said she had pneumonia in both lungs and had been ill [...]
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